Traffica- Feed Screen
  • An app that gives you live traffic feed and help avoid traffic jams in a location.
Application Information

About application

Traffica is a social app that helps you know about traffic details of a particular location through traffic news feed. The news feed will help you to avoid traffic jams and use an alternate route to reach your destination thus saving your time & fuel. Each Traffica news feed is posted by common people. You can upvote or comment a traffic news feed to increase its genuinity. You can also post a new traffic news feed for a particular location. A new traffic feed can be anything like suggesting an alternate route for others to avoid the traffic jams, a road accident at a location, VIP movement or anything else.

Each traffic news feed has a color towards its top left corner. The color indicates the severity or intenseness of the traffic feed with red being highly severe, followed by orange and then green. To know traffic news of your current location just turn on your GPS.

Privacy Policy

  • We have tried our best to show the accurate information as much as possible.
  • Google location has been used for getting your current location only.
  • Facebook login is use for login purpose only.
  • Traffica app does not post any thing on your facebook wall.
  • The app is for daily and normal use by individuals.
  • Developer is not responsible for any kind of problems/loss faced to user.
  • No any code or script has been written that can harm your phone.
  • Traffica app does not make any call.
  • Traffica app does not containc any virus.
  • Traffica shall not disclose the personal information of Users to a third party.
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